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Our Projects

Alp Şen Kindness Project

Our Objective

Bone marrow transplant is a way of treatment performed during advanced stages of blood illnesses such as leukemia, anemia. The treatment requires blood samples of volunteers to determine tissue types and transplant of bone marrow stem cells to the patient from a suitable donor. However, currently 15.000 blood samples obtained from volunteer donors cannot be analyzed due to insufficient funds, devices and infrastructure. In our project we firstly aim to create resources necessary for this analysis. With this purpose we are looking for sponsorship connections and we organize cupcake, souvenir, and campaign logoed t-shirt sales. We are planning activities to raise consciousness towards increasing the number of volunteer donors.

What Have We Done?

We have met with specialist doctors and related foundations to be able to research problems faced during bone marrow transplant process thoroughly. We printed campaign t-shirts from the profit we obtained from the cupcake sales. We set up stands for t-shirt sale at events such as concerts, theater, bazaars. We have shared our project with Enka School Family Union, Enka Foundation Management Board, reached large masses by doing presentations at conferences and symposiums. Also we have visited various firms and requested donations. With the generated revenue, tissue analysis kits were brought from overseas through Ozgun Chemistry Firm, delivered to ÇAPA Marrow Bank and the process of analyzing 900 blood samples began thanks to our project. The invoice of purchased equipment, official delivery reports and certificates of appreciation were disclosed with the foundation and donators.

Alp Şen and His Kindness

Dearly beloved Alp Ali Şen and support of his family enabled us to progress in our project in a short period of time. With substantial donations gathered from Adnan Şen’s connections and firms and Begum Şen’s support at bazaar organizations and t-shirt sales our project grew bigger in no time. We have changed the name of our project to “Alp Şen Kindness Project” to keep alive his belief and dedication to the project and to embalm his name. Now we are trying to increase the possibility of lives to be saved by embracing this project even harder. With each healed child, Alp will be reborn for us. We will do our best to keep alive and spread beauties he left behind at the last moment. .

Future Goals

“Alp Şen Kindness Project” is a project with no time limit. There are many problems in different aspects of bone marrow transplant. We plan on creating resources to certain extent, and to start our work towards raising consciousness about raising the number of volunteer donors right after we have the samples analyzed. At this stage, we aim to form work groups with the participation of volunteers from different schools. For this purpose we have organized “Enka Kindness Gathering” at our school with many other schools. We think we might take the lead in the establishment of an efficient marrow bank based on a system. It was our dream which excited our beloved Alp greatly. We have promised to work as hard as we can to found “Alp Şen Marrow Bank”. The support requests we receive from many students and those who love him, makes us very happy. Your support of any nature to “Alp Şen Kindness Project” has a huge meaning towards saving lives and carrying on the spirit of our Alp.


Ceyda Yılmaz;
@: ceydayilmaz@enkaokullari.k12.tr
T: 212 705 65 00 / Ext 426

Web sitemiz: www.enkaiyilikprojesi.com

Facebook Page: “Alp Şen Kindness Project - www.facebook.com/alpseniyilikprojesi

Twitter: @alpsenyilikproje

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